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What a couple of years it's been!  Despite great hardship for many people, the TEMPO of Madison Foundation continues to be a bright beacon toward the future for promising young women who are entering college.  At the same time, the Foundation is spearheading our 40th Anniversary Celebration where four decades of strong, successful women leaders will gather to share, learn, and celebrate.   

Our mission of supporting, mentoring and empowering women leaders has a lot more resources behind it this year!  Here are the highlights:

Foundation Past President Michelle Vetterkind along with a working group have invested a lot of time and energy into restructuring the Foundation's board and bylaws for the future. 

Our new Foundation Board consists of the following dynamic women who will serve in their roles for either one or two-year terms:

Beth Bennett, Vice President

Elaine Rich, Treasurer

Susan Pigorsch, Secretary

Kris Euclide Director-at-Large

Vickie Wenzel, Director-at-Large 

Linda Bochert, Director-at-Large

Eve Galanter, Director-at-Large

Barbara Main, Director-at-Large  

Those not joining the new Foundation Board will become members of a Foundation Advisory Council and are welcome to attend meetings.  There may be situations where the Board will call on the Advisory Board for input.  Thank you to all for your service!

The Mentorship Program Committee is also meeting to put a structure and plans in place to support our scholarship recipients in meaningful and lasting ways.  The effort spans both current recipients as well as past ones as they begin their post-college careers.  Imagine having the wisdom and access to a group of successful leaders in our community at the beginning of your career!  It's exciting to think about.

Scholarships continue to be our most visible manifestation of support for future generations of women leaders.  To date, we have awarded 41 area high school seniors with over $123,00 of scholarship support!   

These young women demonstrate passion, a desire to lead, and inquisitiveness about how to become connectors in our Community.  They are an inspiration, and when I listen to their stories, it prompts me to think about making a bigger impact as well.

And the 40th Anniversary Celebration is underway!  This kicked off in October 2021 with an amazing panel discussion that brought us four generations of TEMPO Madison past presidents who reflected on our abundant history, progress and advice for the future.  You can reserve your tickets now for our big celebration and gala on October 8, 2022!  We're thrilled to have Judy Woodruff, anchor and managing editor of PBS NewsHour, as our keynote for the evening, and we're looking forward to having 40 years of TEMPO Madison members and women in the community, honoring and celebrating this amazing group of women!  There are still opportunities to sponsor as well; please contact Erin Fabrizius at tempomadison@tempomadison.org or check out our website to show your support!

Finally, I am honored and humbled to be your Foundation President this year.  So many people like me stand on the shoulders of those who came before, and I cannot begin to express my gratitude for the trails you have blazed and the abundance with which you share your experiences, talents and advice.  Thank You!  Let's have an amazing year!

Susan Thomson 

President, TEMPO Madison Foundation Board

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