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An initiative to educate, network, and position women for corporate/business boards

Our mission is to increase the number of TEMPO Madison members serving on corporate and business boards throughout Dane County.

Corporate / Business Boards Need Women

Research shows that having women on boards is good for the bottom line. The top 20 largest companies in the world all have at least one woman on their boards. Fortune 500 companies with higher percentages of female board members out-perform competitors in return on equity, invested capital, and sales. Having female board members also helps organizations attract and retain top female talent.

Women are, however, still largely under-represented on corporate boards globally, despite continued efforts to improve boardroom gender diversity. Project Reach hopes to impact this dynamic by ensuring that Madison and Dane county based corporations/businesses with board opportunities look to TEMPO Madison as great resource for potential board members.

The goal of Project Reach is to facilitate awareness among companies here in our backyard that recognize the business benefits of expanding board membership opportunities to TEMPO women.

Board Candidate Availability

If you are interested in considering a talented TEMPO Madison woman executive on your board to make a positive impact, please contact us.

2021-2022 Biographies

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